Psychotherapy of adults and adolescents:

  • struggling with difficulties in building satisfying relationships, experiencing difficulties in relationships with other people
  • experiencing difficulties in personal and professional life
  • suffering from depressive and anxiety disorders
  • suffering from eating disorders and psychosomatic disorders (including abdominal pain, headaches and dizziness, numbness of various parts of the body, palpitations or other somatic complaints)
  • not coping with their anger, aggression or self-aggression
  • having low self-esteem
  • experiencing a life crisis (severe stress, illness, divorce, sudden loss, mourning)
  • in need of support in difficult life situations, wanting to understand themselves and others, look for their own path
  • experiencing a lack of sense and purpose in life
  • interested in personal development and improving the quality of their lives


Consultations for parents:

  • family counselling
  • consultations on psychosocial and psychosexual development of a child